Camping information & rules

Welcome to Tykarpsgrottan’s camping!
We provide the below information and rules to ensure that you and other guests will have a pleasant stay with us.

Check-in and check-out

  • Register in reception immediately when you arrive. Groups should be registered by their group leader.
  •  You pay the camping fee and electricity on departure.
  •   The camping pitch should be vacated and cleaned by 12.00 on the day of departure. The electricity bill should be paid before you leave. The electricity consumption and camping pitch shall be checked by Tykarpsgrottan’s staff before you check out. Please notify the staff in advance before your departure.
  •  When checking in, you accept and agree to the campsite rules.

Arriving after check-in has closed (late arrival)
  • If you arrive after check-in has closed our camping host will happily help with keys and registration.

Setting up
  • When setting up your campervan and/or caravan and/or tent you must keep a distance of 4 metres between each unit.
  • Permanent fixtures around the tent or caravan, such as a fence or protective banks, are not allowed. Propane/butane and electrical equipment must be tested and approved in accordance with current regulation.

General information
  • Please respect your camping neighbours and maintain peace and quiet between 23.00 and 07.00.
  • Guests, who come to visit cabin and camping residents, should park in the designated car park outside the camping area. There is also a large car park along the road.
  • Please do not play games or ball games around the caravans. We have designated playgrounds where you can play (at your own risk).
  • The campsite host and staff are responsible for everyone’s comfort and peace and quiet and will be happy to assist you if any problems arise. Our staff members have the authority to take measures against residents who do not respect the simple and common-sense rules listed above. Camping residents who disobey the rules or behave in an antisocial manner can be evicted without any compensation. The campsite host reserves the right to decide whether a camping resident should be evicted from the campsite.

Common areas 
  • The campsite has a common barbecue hut that all visitors and campers can use. The hut cannot be booked in advance.
  • After you use the common areas (toilets, laundry and shower room, kitchen and dishes) please make sure everything is clean and tidy.
  •  Please wash your car on the designated washing pad only.
  •  Dogs are welcome at the camping but must be kept on a lead. However, dogs are not allowed in the cave, café, reception or service cabins. Please walk your dog outside the camping area and make sure to pick up after it. If the dog is aggressive towards other campers, Tykarpsgrottan’s camping has the right to evict the dog, its owner and their caravan/campervan without any compensation.
  •  Please empty sewage water in the designated location only.
  • For the sake of everyone’s comfort, please keep the campsite clean and tidy. Throw rubbish in the bins provided. At Tykarpsgrottan we have a recycling system. It is forbidden to dispose of larger objects, such as disposable barbecues, duckboard, tent material etc., in the bins and containers provided.

Theft, damage and vandalism
  • Tykarpsgrottan’s camping is not responsible for any damages to or loss of campers’ belongings. Anyone found causing damage to buildings, materials or other campers’ belongings can be made to compensate for these damages.
  • Any damage caused to caravans, campervans and cars that are parked on the campsite will be compensated for by the vehicle insurance. Examples of damages are stone chips caused by lawn-mowing, fallen tree branches and damages caused by bad weather/storms.